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We All Are Now Wailing Wailers

We All Are Now Wailing Wailers

Politicians will say and do anything and everything to win elections. Just see how President Donald Trump is willfully distorting facts, inventing fictions to strengthen the narratives that suit him and creating an alternative reality of the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the economy that has tanked. Trump is desperate to get re-elected on

The Ticking Time Bomb!

The Ticking Time Bomb!

This is a historically trying period for mankind, a unique time warp that reminds us how very puny we are in the natural scheme of things. Our delusion that we are the masters of the universe has been badly exposed by an invisible, vicious virus. All over the world, people are scrambling for cover, confused

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The Trouble with Our E-learning

Corona virus is a bastard. It threw the world into an emergency, minified otherwise powerful leaders and put the economy of great and small nations in shambles. But it did more than that. The pandemic, otherwise known as Covid-19, also threatens the future of our children. Children who are thrown out of school are uncertain

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Trump’s Corona Blues

A bully is a coward with a fragile ego. That squarely fits President Donald Trump, who is a dangerous bully at war with common sense and reality by creating an alternative universe about everything that he can’t bend to his will. He distorts facts so cavalierly. Or as his senior counsel, Kellyanne Conway, once said,

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A Virus And Its Victims

We get the news from other lands everyday about the tragic deaths from coronavirus. We have almost exhausted the safety measures copied from those places. Yes, the deaths in our domain have not hit the roof, but we have lost people too, at home and abroad. They are not the only victims of the virus.

Wike makes good his threat, demolishes hotels Photo

Wike’s Messianic Complex

There are governors and they all are different except for one characteristic they have in common. They are the undisputed lords of their manors and little emperors of their states. The only person superior to them is the president, and one that is ready to bite them when they get too uppity. But there is

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