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The Sad Chronicles Of a Failed ‘Messiah’

Even his most rabid critics could not have imagined that he would reduce Nigeria to a failed state. Six years on, Muhammadu Buhari has achieved the feat with outstanding ease, as the country has, literally and factually, become one whose defining dynamic is anarchy unbound in all its terrifying ramifications. As the country steadily dissolves

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Malami and His Dangerous Theatrics

Abubakar Malami has a special gift for inviting discerning people to dismiss him as a clown. Indeed he’s a clown, but a very dangerous clown. This is because he’s the minister of justice and federal attorney-general. His portfolio makes him the country’s chief law officer and chief legal adviser to the federal government. A huge

President Muhammadu Buhari Photo

Healthcare: Argumentum Ad Buharum

Nigeria’s corridors of power are a sweetly otherworldly paradise. Unlike in the Western world where tough-as-they-come operators like the Donald Trumps get clobbered by some little quakes of these corridors, ours, in all their might and majesty, bend over backwards to sing sonorous alleluyahs to the men and women who hug, tweak and control them.

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