Why Emefiele Walked Alone

Why Emefiele Walked Alone
All the blame for what Nigerians passed through during the said “no cash” era had been dumped at the doorstep of Emefiele, perhaps due to his political naivety or perhaps he had some ulterior motives. Click To Tweet

Gradually Nigerians are surviving the “No Cash” regime which analysts have christened Emefiele-economics, but what individuals and businesses have passed (or are still passing) through
may be difficult to quantify. It resulted to deaths, starvation, inability to attend to domestic and business concerns, and so many other matters arising therefrom. A woman said to be pregnant of triplets was reported to have died along with her three kids inside her as the husband was said to have been unable to provide initial deposit for her delivery and the doctors refused to attend to her husband went to arrange for cash. They were waiting for him to come with cash before they would commence the process of delivery. She died while the waiting game was on. Of course, the policy created big business opportunities for especially bank managers, bank workers generally, Point of Sales (POS) operators and even fuel station attendants, it however created or heightened hardships, hunger, poverty, lack, sicknesses and death profiles. There were reports that some people became millionaires overnight and sharply got one or two things done. People suddenly found the POS business which had been shunned and left for the jobless youths as last resorts. A pastor in the neighbourhood who before now had been fulltime, taking no other engagement than the pastoral work, has a couple of weeks now, I guess in the “no cash” era that he procured a terminal and today is a POS operator along with his pastoral calling.

An otherwise well-articulated issue that is intended to produce immense benefits, may be woven in irreconcilable controversy if the presentation of same lacks congenial precision. I posit that that was the case with Emefiele’s and the… Click To Tweet

Smart Mokuye sent this piece from Ilesa, Osun state. He can be reached via smkuye@gmail.com +234-806-164-5953

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