Webb Calls for FIFA Restructuring

Jeffrey Webb, vice president of the Federation Internationale de Football Association, FIFA has expressed the need for an overhaul at the highest level to the systems of the association in order to give a fairer reflection of today’s global soccer landscape.

The rebuilding Webb recommends include changes to how its governing executive committee is elected and moves to restore FIFA’s positive image.

Webb who is also the president of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, CONCACAF said the world is changing and FIFA needs to reflect those changes after having had its image tarnished by one scandal after another over the years.

The FIFA vice president also said he had no intention to challenge Sepp Blatter, FIFA incumbent president for the presidency of the international football governing body after the latter declared on Monday that he would stand for a fifth term of office in next year’s elections.

“We have to have trust and confidence. We have to go further with reforms; the landscape of global football has changed. FIFA was formed in 1904, that is far away from 2014. We should be bold enough and brave enough to reform the executive committee,” Webb maintained adding, “I believe it should have proportional representation. Is it fair for Africa to have the same number of members as UEFA and that Africa has four or five members on the executive committee and Europe has eight or nine?

Webb said he is a big fan of independent board members and they have made a landmark step by adding women. He demands that people from refereeing, the economical partners, and the players should also be included in the committee.

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