Volvo Aims Higher

volvoVolvo repositions for greater efficiency in the truck segment of the automobile market

In emerging economies like Nigeria, the rate of construction work is always on a fast pace. This is usually associated with huge demands for heavy-duty trucks and equipment. This explains renewed efforts by truck manufacturers to control a sizeable market share in the truck and equipment segment of the local automobile market. While some are struggling to penetrate the market, others are trying to consolidate their presence. One of those in the latter category is Volvo trucks and equipment, promoted locally by Adphil Transport Company Limited, ATC, Nigeria. ATC is a joint venture between the Nigerian investment partner and Swedish Machinery and Truck, SMT, the Volvo distributor in West and Central Africa region, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. 

According to Ade Ojuoko, head, marketing and logistics, ATC Nigeria, Volvo, which has such products like trucks, construction equipment, Volvo Penta, industrial and earth moving equipment, and Volvo buses, currently occupies the second position in the local automobile market in terms of sales. For Ojuoko, the brand’s commitment is to improve and set new records in sales and after sales support, a feat he said is achievable in no distant future. This conviction is based on the range and quality of its products, including tractor heads, tipper trucks, excavators, pipe laying equipment, wheel loaders, motor graders, articulated haulers, rollers, Swam Bogie, paver for asphalt and Penta – its boat and industrial engines.             The buses and trucks, with capacity of between 10 tonnes and 100 tonnes, provide comfort for passengers and fleet operators.  Other products from the ATC stable include refrigerated trucks, towing vehicles, fire fighting trucks, waste truck and other special purpose vehicles. Here, the new Volvo FMX model stands out as it is set to position Volvo for better competition in the country. Ojuoko noted that driving in construction operations requires skill, especially when it comes to transporting large loads, quickly and efficiently, without getting bogged down, and without compromising the truck.

He explained that the Volvo FMX is therefore developed to make driving in construction applications easier and safer, as seen from the robust bumper and advanced steering to the new comfortable rear of the FMX. The Volvo FMX packs up to 540 horse power, hp, and yet remains fuel efficient with fast acceleration, excellent pulling power, comfortable low-speed handling and a pleasurable ride at cruising speed.

One important feature in this construction truck is its high ground clearance, supported by the GRAS-G2 air suspension for up to three rear axles, making for outstanding stability and driving comfort, whether the truck is laden or not, with a rear suspension that is specifically developed for the gravel pit. Of particular mention is the I-Shift device in the FMX model. “Driving I-Shift is a real pleasure because without the clutch pedal, you can safely sit back and concentrate on the other two. I-Shift uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and automatically choose the right gear at all times. Allowing the driver to step in and shift gear manually,” Ojuoko explained.

With Volvo’s global experience in other West African countries and a national presence, second-to-none sales, service and maintenance is guaranteed while active service and maintenance agreements is already in place.

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