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Coping with Corruption

Coping with Corruption

By: John Adebisi, Internet Constituency Everybody talks about corruption. Everybody laments the level of corruption in the country. One way or the other – consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly – everybody fuels corruption. We pretend to fight corruption. Frankly speaking, one doesn’t have to be a pessimist to realise that we are all in big


Using ICT for National Development

By John Adebisi – Internet Constituency. Nigeria, like most developing nations around the world, has come to recognise the importance of information and communication technology, ICT, as catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development. This recognition is well captured in the National Development Plan – Nigeria’s Vision 20:2020. This is the way to go! However, Nigeria is

Power of the People

By: Dayo Oladeji – Saki, Oyo State. I refer to your special report, How The People Won In Osun, TELL, August 25, 2014. Weeks before the battle, an average non-partisan resident of the South-west geo-political zone could bet with his or her life that the election had been won by the Peoples Democratic Party and

We Need to Step Up Our Modus Operandi

Fems Alabo – Ekowe, Bayelsa State. I refer to your cover story, Boko Haram: Why The War Drags On, TELL September 1, 2014. The security forces have a herculean task ahead of them and they should not play politics with this issue because we are in this together; it affects all of us whether you

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The Fruit of Bad Leadership

By: Stephen Udoh, Ketu, Alapere I refer to your sports story, Why Nigeria Gives FIFA Headache, TELL, September 15, 2014. In watching the awful manner the NFF is being run and all the things that are happening within it, one is justified to shout at the top of one’s voice: NFF is truly a mini

We Must Be Proactive

By: Akin Adedeji, Ilorin, Kwara State. The tragedy of the Nigerian financial sector remains that our government and the stakeholders were not prepared for the ever-changing trends in the sector. Surely, Nigeria and Nigerians only learn geography in the morning of the earthquake. It is high time we anticipated the bitter economic times, even as

The Need to Foster Development

By: Tosin Olabisi, – Eruwa, Oyo State. I refer to your cover story, Are The Boom Times Back? TELL, September 15, 2014. The Nigerian environment must be conducive in order to attract foreign investors. We can never say confidently that Nigeria’s economy is growing. Government must provide adequate power supply to both rural and urban

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