US to Verify Journalist’s Beheading Video

Officials of the United States said intelligence experts are working to determine the authenticity of a video released on Tuesday portraying the beheading of another US journalist.

Two weeks after the gruesome murder of James Foley, American war reporter by members of the ISIS insurgency, it appears the group has lived up to its threat by beheading Stephen Sotloff, another US journalist in its captivity.

Jen Psaki, spokeswoman of the US intelligence Department confirmed that US officials have seen reports of the video purporting Sotloff’s murder and expressed condolences to the deceased journalist’s family in case the video turns out to be genuine.

“The intelligence department will work as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity,” Psaki said, adding that the department is sickened by the brutal act of taking the life of another American citizen.

The new video titled, “A Second Message to America,” shows Sotloff being killed in a way and at a landscape that appears to be the same as that of Foley’s killing by an ISIS fighter.

“You, Obama have yet again, through your actions killed yet another American citizen,” the black-masked killer said before slaughtering Sotloff. He also threatened that the ISIS would continue to kill American citizens if the US continues what it called, its “evil” actions against the group.

As at Monday, September 1, 2014, the US have conducted 123 airstrikes against the ISIS positions, artillery and vehicles since August 8.

US special operation forces carried out an unsuccessful raid in Syria two weeks ago to free American hostages while efforts are still on to identify Foley’s killer.

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