Teachers Commence Strike in Abuja

Primary and Secondary school pupils in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, were on Monday sent home following an indefinite action embarked on by members of the Nigeria Union of Teachers.

The union went on strike over some policies adopted by the FCT administration that were not favourable to teachers.

The chairman, FCT Wing of NUT, Hassan Jibir, said that the union had directed its members “to remain at home and schools closed indefinitely until their demands are met by the FCT administration.”

The contentious issues include reinstatement of 27.5 per cent Teacher Salary Structure allowance; non-release of promotion for teachers for years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and non-payment of 100 per cent rent allowance to teachers.

“Some categories of teachers and supervisors and those working in the offices were affected by the TSS. In 2012, six secondary schools were affected while for 2013/2014, all primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school teachers were affected. For 2015, they are supposed to start the process but have not done that till now,” Jibir said.

Jibir also called on the Minister of the FCT, Bala Mohammed, to do the right thing so as to avert a crisis in the FCT.

He said that the minister did wrong with the policy on the rent allowance for teachers which has been in line with the Federal Government’s policy.

“During the administration of Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, teachers on Grade level 1 to 6 received rent allowance of 50 per cent of their basic salaries while those on level 7 to 14 got 60 per cent of their basic salaries. Also, level 15 to 17 were receiving 75 per cent of their basic salaries.

“But when he discovered that the 50 per cent can’t pay rent in FCT, el-Rufai made it 100 per cent. Former Ministers of the FCT who succeeded him, Adamu Aliero and Abdullahi Moddibo, continued from where el-Rufai stopped.

“But Bala Mohammed came and reverted it to 50 per cent, 60 per cent and 75 per cent whereas rent in FCT has increased tremendously since then. Instead of increasing it, he reduced it.

“We are, therefore, asking for a reversal to the 100 per cent that was started by el-Rufai, even if he can’t increase it. This is our grouse.”

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