Scotland Votes Against Independence

Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom alongside England, Wales and Northern Ireland following a historic referendum vote that saw 2,001,926 votes against independence and 1,617,989 votes in favor of independence.

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, in a televised statement outside 10 Downing Street welcomed Scotland’s decision saying, “Like millions of other people, I am delighted.”

The British Prime Minister added that he would have been heartbroken to see the United Kingdom broken up but paid tribute to the efforts of both sides in the campaign.

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister admitted defeat and urged the rest of Scotland to embrace unity. He said he thanks Scotland “for 1.6 million votes for Scottish independence” and said the turnout, which electoral officials said was 84.6 per cent, from an electorate of more than 4.2 million, was one of the highest in the democratic world for any such vote.

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