Poop for Food


Poop For Food

Poop For Food

Imagine eating at a fanciful restaurant with plates and cups shaped like toilet bowls. Not a pleasant experience you would say! But this is not odd enough for two restaurants in Japan and South Korea, who in a move to be dynamic, have resolved to imitate the poop for food, where everything served comes with a weird toilet twist.

Take the Poop Café in Seoul, South Korea for instance; it has a poop as its central theme. Smelly? Rather not. The café is more normal but when it comes to service, it is weird in style. The foam art, throw pillow and cushion used to decorate the café latte are poop shaped. The coffee and tea are served in little toilet bowl-shaped cups with poop faces on them too. You would get your jam in a toilet bowl and as expected the bread and scones are all poop shaped available in different varieties. However, Poop café isn’t much of a shocker to Korean standards, Korean youths love poop jokes and references.

As if that is not humorous enough, Ken Shimizu, a Japanese adult movie star, who infamously made it big by eating poop in his debut movie, recently open his eatery. Shimizu decided to pay tribute to his adjunct act by making an “unko curry” (poop curry) stew as the distinctive product of his ‘Curry Shop Shimizu’.

The World first poop dish is made from combining bitter ingredients- Swertia herb tea and Goya, while cocoa power and water are blended to achieve the texture and color of crap, and to supplement the gross effect; it is served in a toilet-shaped bowl. A survey conducted by the management showed that 70 per cent of people would never set foot in the shop. 5.7 per cent voted to they would make it one of their favorites while the rest feel they might taste it once.



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