‘We are Passionate about Our Students’ Welfare’ – Pastor James Ndako, Dean, Students Affairs


Pastor James Ndako, Dean, Students Affairs

What has been your experience so far dealing with students from various backgrounds, who may not necessarily be Christians or attending Winners Chapel? And what has been your experience looking after the academics of the students?

It is not academic issues that our office deals with. When you look at the Directorate of Students Affairs, it is saddled with responsibilities such as the welfare of the students, their development and discipline. Basically, we have the colleges that handle academics. But when you talk about the welfare, development and discipline of the students, that’s where we come in. The former Dean of this Directorate did a very good job, he has laid solid foundation for me to build upon. The work here is interesting and demanding.  But anything done out of passion and commitment, what you get out of it is the best. We are passionate about the welfare and development of our students. It is true that we have students who are not members of Winners Chapel, but what we do is to let them know and understand what we do and why do them. Like I said, the work is demanding but is also very interesting and God has been helping us.


What has been the response of the students to the education you give them here, especially the graduating set who have spent four years at Landmark?

Their response has been very good. Last year when I was privileged to go on supervision  of our students doing internship and I met their supervisors, they were very impressed with their attitude to work. In fact one of the supervisors said if we have more students to send, he would gladly welcome them and I said ‘Don’t worry, we will send you more’. That is a good testimony. It shows that they are putting to use the training we give them here, not only academics, but morals.


Are you expecting First Class Honours graduates out of them?

Of course. In an institution like this where we have all it takes to make students succeed – good lecturers, discipline and commitment to their welfare, it is expected that students will excel in their studies.



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