Nigerian Workers Celebrate Labour Day

Nigerian workers today joined millions of workers from all over the world to mark the 128th anniversary of the World Labour Day. It is a day to uphold workers’ struggle around the world.

As part of activities marking the day, workers across the 36 states of the federation organised rallies, March past and other activities.

Beyond the challenges of disunity and insecurity threatening to tear the country apart, Nigerian workers are faced with other debilitating problems such as unemployment, inflation, irregular payment of salaries, looting of the pensions funds of retirees, and incessant strikes, some of which do not meet the conditions of the Trade Dispute Act.

Commenting on the challenges facing the Nigerian worker, Lai Mohammed, Interim National publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, said “the past 12 months have been particularly challenging for Nigerian workers due to worsening state of social infrastructure, especially the dwindling power supply which has affected production and forced many companies to downsize or relocate to neighboring countries.” The party also urged the Nigerian workers not to be disenchanted by the seemingly hopeless situation across the country, as better days are definitely ahead.

On the other hand, Abba Moro, Minister of Interior, congratulated Nigerian workers on their resilience and commitment in the face of obvious challenges of daily living. He also urged them to continue to support the government in its efforts to improve the work environment and their living conditions.


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