How A Nigerian Soldier Made History At U.S. War College

Charles Nengite

Charles Nengite

Charles Nengite, a colonel officer in the Nigerian Army officer, has beaten 380 other postgraduate students to the top position at the U.S. War College, USAWC, and Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This was revealed on Monday, June 13 on the website of the college. It is the most outstanding performance by any foreigner in the 38 years of the college. Maj.-Gen. William Rapp, commandant USAWC, described Nengite’s performance as “arguably one of the best in the international fellows programmes at the USAWC”.

Rapp also said at the graduation ceremony of the college that Nigeria should be proud of Nengite and his compatriot in the Masters of Strategic Studies class, Col. Timothy Shipi. He said, “Shipi performed brilliantly”.

At the graduation of the 2015 class, Col. Nengite bagged six awards for outstanding performance in different courses with a Distinguished Graduate award reserved for the top five fellows in his class of 381 and also the Commandant’s award for distinction in research.

Nengite also received the USAWC recognition award for innovation in SHARP – Sexual Harassment and Response Programme and articulated a seminal paper – “I am your friend campaign’’ – strategy under the SHARP, a project of significant importance in the U.S. Army.

Furthermore, Nengite also received the 2nd best speaker award in the speaking competition in the 2016 class made up of 302 Americans and 79 other nationals in 73 other countries.

The USAWC was founded in 1901 to specifically cater for the strategic leadership training needs of the U.S. military.

President Muhammadu Buhari was named 6th among the top 30 distinguished alumni of the US Army College in 2015. Among other prominent servicemen who had gone through the USAWC are Collin Powell, statesman, soldier and diplomat, Dwight Eisenhower, politician and soldier, and James Peake, soldier and physician.

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