Nigerian Breweries Births Star Lite

Walter Drenth

Walter Drenth

The Nigerian Breweries has added another feather to its cap as the brewery giant unveiled Star Lite, an ice cold filtered lager beer last week in Lagos.

Walter Drenth, marketing director of the company, explained that the new product, which is an extension of Star lager beer, is an innovation the company is certain its consumers will love.

Like, Star lager beer, he said the new beer contains no additives and preservatives. Drenth says, “Star Lite is a product of a unique brewing technique,

brewed with 100 per cent natural ingredients, finest malted barley, high quality Hops, and the best quality water. The new offering is a clean, crisp and Ice Cold refreshing lager beer.”

He added that the new product comes with a temperature sensitive ice-cold icon on the front label adding that “the indicator turns blue when the beer is at

the best cold temperature for drinking. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. This is another major achievement for Star, which has become a leader in innovation and exciting change.”

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