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Governorship Election: Religion Rules the Air in Kaduna

Governorship Election: Religion Rules the Air in Kaduna

Voters in Kaduna State go to the polls to elect a governor and members of the state house of assembly in an election whose major undercurrent is religion. Thirty-four political parties fielded governorship candidates in Saturday’s election, but the contest is a two-horse race. The election is a straight fight between the ruling All Progressives


What’s the Hype About Marriage?

So, What’s the Hype About Marriage? This is a rant. Having a parent around during the bleak autumn/ winter months is not ideal for several reasons. Please don’t get me wrong. parents are a blessing to have around at any time, but if you are unmarried. it is extra hard to deal with the constant

How to Make A Model Out of a Dog

Shiba Inu Bodhi, a dog, has no time for silly pastimes like chasing squirrels or playing fetch. Far from it, he’s quite serious about his high flying career as a top New York menswear model. The four-year-old dog is well known in fashion circles as he has landed paid modeling contracts with top brands such

Kiss Friendly Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are the bane of a good kiss, especially if both parties happen to be spectacled. Thankfully, Blinc Vase, a Tokyo-based eyewear company has come up with a great, albeit, weird Kiss Eyeglasses specifically designed for those extra-long, lip-locking sessions. These two-way glasses consist of a single pair of lenses that can be worn by

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