Leaders Fingered In The Ogoni Debacle

Ndigbara, ex-militant leader blames politicians, church and traditional rulers for escalating violence in Ogoniland

Ex-militant leader Solomon Ndigbara, alias Osama Bin Laden, has blamed politicians, the church and traditional rulers in Ogoniland for escalating the communal violence in communities there. He expressed concern that the crisis continues to claim dozens of lives and also causes the destruction of entire communities.

Leaders Fingered In The Ogoni DebacleNdigbara, who came out of hiding to address a press conference in his hometown, Yeghe, near Bori, Tuesday, said that the church and the traditional institutions had a duty to mobilise the people against the killings and destruction, which were being perpetrated by cult groups across Ogoni communities.

“I cannot say because politicians have made me homeless in Ogoni, I will keep quiet and watch the killings and kidnappings going on,” he said.

He noted that in spite of the presence of the police and other security agencies in the area, kidnappings, killings, and destruction of property were going on everyday.

Ndigbara is being trailed by security agencies and has been in hiding since 2015 after soldiers demolished his country home and declared him wanted.

He recalled how he was able to maintain and broker peace in Ogoni communities when he was free. He said he’s now saddened about the free rein of violence and killings while the politicians, church, and traditional rulers look away.

Identifying the Debam and Dewell cult groups as he main perpetrators of the violence on Ogoni, the former militant leader said the two groups can be banished from Ogoniland if the church and traditional rulers do the right thing.

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