The Gains of Democracy in Gusau Local Government Council

Governor Abubakar Is an Epitome of Probity, Accountability and Dedication

– Hon. Moh’d Lawali Mada, Chairman, Gusau LGC

Abdul-AbubakarThere is no gainsaying the fact that three years of Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar as Governor of Zamfara State have witnessed a rapid growth and an unprecedented all-round development in the areas of road construction both township and rural for the movement of people and goods, education, electrification, potable water, improved health care facilities among others. Before now, these sectors had been in dire straits. Governor Abubakar has brought a historic advancement to the state by implementing laudable and people-oriented programmes that have placed Zamfara ahead of its contemporaries. From infrastructure to quality education, there is remarkable progress. The goal of government is to ensure that it competes effectively with any other state in the country or even supersedes them in the delivery of dividends of democracy to its citizens. This is one of the main objectives of Governor Abubakar’s administration to improve the living standards and condition of Zamfara people, particularly at the grassroots. It also accounts for his administration’s increase in funding of major sectors like Agriculture, Health Care and Roads for the state to achieve the key objectives of rural development, urban renewal and improved living standard for the generality of the people. Gov. Abubakar identified very early the cardinal areas of fulfilling his dreams for his state and he wasted no time and has spared no efforts in devoting the energies and resources of his administration to such priority areas like maintenance of law and order, peace and security.MUTTAKA-RINI

Honourable Moh’d Lawal Mada, Executive Chairman, Gusau Local Government Council, had his primary education at Mada, which is also his hometown, and on completion secured admission in one of the secondary schools in Birnin Kebbi. He obtained his first degree in Agric Business and second degree in Admin specialising in Financial Management. He worked with Northwestern State in 1971 in the ministry of trade, industries and cooperatives. He later switched to NITEL and later to the National Fertilizer Company, NAFCON.

He retired and then joined politics. The huge experience acquired in civil service had made him a prudent manager of public resources. He is an asset to the people of Gusau LG. Honourable Mada got in the saddle as chairman of Gusau Local Government, LG, and in a short while has endeared himself to the entire citizens of the LG because of his outstanding performance. In this interview he speaks on his achievements, Governor Abubakar’s transformation of Zamfara State as well as other salient issues. Excerpts.

How would you assess the performance of Governor Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar?

Governor Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar’s performance can easily be described as excellent. There are positive transformations in all sectors. The people of Zamfara have felt the impact of good governance. Governor Abubakar has linked one place to another in form of roads. You see good and motorable roads everywhere in the state. He constructed new roads, as well as rehabilitated the old ones. There are major developments that have led to a boost incommercial activities especially in our urban centres.

The people especially in Gusau are enjoying potable drinking water which were not there before. In terms of electricity we are not left behind; if one goes to some areas in Gusau, he will think that he is in Abuja. In the schools there is a remarkable achievements in education sector; you find well built and furnished schools almost everywhere even in the remotest areas. He also empowered people through employment. The most recent exercise was the recruitment of 1,400 personnel. He equally empowers youths through skills acquisition programmes which has centres in all the LGs in Zamfara. The Governor gives scholarship also and LGs assist in this direction. The state logo shows that agriculture is our pride. Therefore our people are so happy to buy a bag of fertilizer at the rate of N1,000. The cheapest rate we have ever seen. The LG procured seven tractors for farmers.

What are your complementary supports?

The state governor is encouraging us to develop our rural areas. Therefore the LGC has on its pipeline to construct 113-km road within the area. Gusau town is already enjoying 28.7-km well-tarred roads. Other areas of development include:

Poverty Alleviation

We assist rural women through their cooperatives formation with capitals. Many of them are on extraction of oil from peanut and palm kernel while others go for animal rearing. Some were sent to learn sewing, knitting, hair dressing skills in our skills acquisition centres. We also assist our youths who are willing to further their education, we give them all we can to encourage them. Normally we secured admission for them within the state and if it happens that the person is willing to study outside the state, we go further to look for more assistance from the state government.

Capacity Building

I never denied any educational opportunity to any of my staff whenever a proposal comes on my table, I passed it through, so that we can reap the benefit of any programme, be it a seminar or workshop. It will enhance their productivity which the LG will also benefit from.


We here in the LG, we are not left behind though the state government has shouldered the major aspect of curtailing security problems in the state. Governor Abubakar is investing much on security. He is always trying to make the state crime free. We at the LG level are always ready to assist him anywhere and any time. We are all doing all things possible to maintain security.

What are your prayers for the governor?

It is just a word of appreciation and prayers. I am praying that God will give him strength and wisdom to continue what he is doing. He has changed things dramatically in the state. The governor has really touched positively the lives of his people. The people of Zamfara are happy with him. I still pray that God should allow him finish his eight years successfully.

What advice can you give to your people?

They should be God fearing in all their endeavours and very thankful to God on the development they are witnessing now, I will also call on them to always contribute their quota toward development of the state, because the theme of this government is Addininmu Alummam mu (Our Religion Our People).

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