We Are Eradicating Poverty from the Land of Honour

– Tayo Ekundayo, Commissioner for Information

Tayo-Ekundayo,-Ekiti-State-commissioner-for-information-and-civic-orientation_4457We have gone round the state and seen efforts and results in key sectors of the economy and the society at large. Having done this much, do you sometimes entertain any fears about the sustainability of the laudable projects of this administration even beyond its life span?

We do not at any time entertain any fears about the sustainability of our projects and programmes because these programmes are either people-oriented, regenerative or both. The programmes by design will certainly continue because they bear relevance to contemporary issues concerning our state. Free health care for certain category of the people, free education up to secondary school, social security for the elderly are some of these programmes. Our people are enjoying these programmes and are starting to take them for granted. No one dares to stop them in the future. They have come to stay. To ensure their continuity, we have necessary laws in place to back the initiatives so that no one wakes from the wrong side of his bed tomorrow to stop the programmes.

Of all the things this administration has done, which one do you consider to be dearest to your heart?

It is difficult for me to single out any of the initiatives as being most important because each of the programmes has targets to meet. Be that as it may, the social security scheme does occupy a special place in my heart. For those of us in the cities, we may not be able to appreciate the level of poverty in the rural areas. The stipend which the scheme provides monthly goes a long way to solve the problems of the beneficiaries which is why they are always full of prayers for our government. That a government could conceive and implement this programme, first of its kind in this part, being studied for implementation by some states in the country gladdens my heart. It shows that our government truly cares.

Why do you think Ekiti people should give this administration a second term in office?

My answer to this is, you don’t change a winning team, do you? Our people are very intelligent to do the needful. Ekiti people have had a taste of Dr. Fayemi’s administration in the last three and a half years and can compare with what they got in the past. All the goodies delivered in the last few years must continue because we cannot just contemplate a situation where all these gains are lost. So we need this second term to consolidate on the gains that we see, feel and touch today.

If given a second term of office, what should Ekiti people expect from the Fayemi administration?

The first term has been spent in laying the foundation of a new Ekiti State through provision of critical infrastructure to drive the economy and improving the well being of the people. The second term will ensure a total consolidation of the efforts which will ultimately lead to the eradication of poverty from our Land of Honour.

How would you describe the person of Governor Fayemi?

Hmm, JKF, as we affectionately call the Governor is an enigma. JKF is extremely passionate about our Ekiti State. It takes his kind of passion and intellect to do the much that we see in Ekiti today. He is a great planner and a prudent spender. The question frequently asked by people in the state is, where is the money for the transformation of the state coming from? He is the kind of governor that Ekiti State needs at this moment. It is a rare privilege having to be part of Team JKF.

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