Emmanuel Macron Is The New President Of France

With 65.5 percent of the votes, 39 year old Emmanuel Macron has won the French Presidency.[ctt template=”5″ link=”R5M08″ via=”no” ] His opponents Marine Le Pen who scored 35 per cent has already called the winner to concede defeat.[/ctt] Macron is an outsider who ran almost as an independent candidate after the candidates of the established parties fell due to allegations of corruption and sundry charges.

Emmanuel Macron Photo

Emmanuel Macron

The 39-year-old former investment banker, who served for two years as an economy minister but has never previously held elected office, will become France’s youngest leader since Napoleon with a promise to transcend outdated left-right divisions.
Despite having served briefly as an economy minister in President Francois Hollande’s deeply unpopular Socialist government, Macron managed to portray himself as the man to recast a political landscape molded by the left-right divisions of the last century.


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