Egypt Holds Presidential Polls

EgyptAmidst tight security mounted by the police and the military, millions of Egyptian voters are casting presidential ballots across the nation.

The election, which is the second in two years, was scheduled to hold on Monday and Tuesday and has just two candidates contesting for the presidential seat. One is Abdul Fattah al-sisi, a former army chief who ousted Mohammed Morsy, Egypt’s first freely elected president through a military coup last year while the left-wing candidate is Hamdeen Sabahi.

Al-sisi who is tipped to win the election with a comfortable margin cast his vote at a polling station in Cairo shortly after the polls opened.

Morsy, former Egyptian President is accused of pushing aside moderate and liberal voices, botching Egypt’s already ailing economy amidst other charges. He is still in detention with other Muslim brotherhood supporters.

Islamists and some secular activists are reportedly boycotting the polls in protest at the crack down and repression of the dissent.

The official result of the election will be announced on June 5.

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