The signing of the Petroleum Industry Act last week was the first major official assignment of President Muhammadu Buhari after his return from 18-day trip to the United Kingdom. With the number of years, the legislation had spent in the National Assembly chambers, and the interest it has generated since it was sent to the chamber in 2008 by the late president, Umaru Yar’Adua, the hue and cry over it was expected. But the oil-producing communities, who bear the brunt of oil prospecting, are not dancing.

The communities are insisting that the token allocated to them in the Act is an added insult to the abuse they had suffered. But the Petroleum Act is not all negative. Industry experts witness that it is good for the industry. They say that, if properly implemented, it will improve the prospect of oil and gas in Nigeria. The Act is the focus of our special report: OIL ACT: THE UNSETTLED PEACE. There are two stories in the section, one on the business and the other on the lamentations of the communities.

The second special report is the story on the crisis between the federal government and Nigerian workers. The story, WORKERS ON THE OFFENSIVE is written by Wale Suleiman, our correspondent.

To compliment these stories are others in the sections. In The Nation section is the story on the rumblings in the political parties, titled WHIRLWIND ACROSS THE BIG PARTIES. It is written by Anayochukwu Agbo, our Bureau Chief in Abuja.

The cover is an editorial, which raises concern on the direction that Nigeria appears headed. In it, the Magazine is making a passionate appeal to patriotic Nigerians to rise up and assist the government to bring the country back to its feet. It is titled, A NATION ABANDONED: WHERE ARE THE PATRIOTS?

Do have a blessed week.

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