Ede Dafinone Chairs Advisory Board of Accounting Body in England

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, ICAEW, has announced the appointment of Ede Dafinone as Chair of its Africa Members Advisory Board. He takes over from Daniel Ndonye (Kenya) as he retires.


Ede Dafinone Photo
Ede Dafinone

ICAEW’sRegional Director for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Michael Armstrongin a statement made available to TELL, described Ede who has since June 2019 servedon the ICAEW Council as the member representing Africa, as an accomplishedbusiness leader and an experienced board member in both the public and privatesectors.

“We are confident that he will add great value to our Africa Members Advisory Board, considering his experience in multiple industries, and that ICAEW will benefit from his insights, judgment, and counsel,” said Armstrong.

The ICAEW Africa Members Advisory Board, MAB, is a volunteer advisory board, whose primary aim is to advise, guide and support the ICAEW Middle East, Africa and South Asia, MEASA, Regional Director and Africa team to implement ICAEW‘s international strategy.

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There are over 1.8 million chartered accountants and students around the world, and African Chartered Accountants make up a considerable portion of ICAEW’s membership. ICAEW trains develops and supports each one of them so that they have the knowledge and values to help build local and global economies that are sustainable, accountable and fair. 

Inaddition to serving as Chair, Dafinone has been on the Africa MAB, representingNigeria since its inception in 2016. He is currently the Deputy Managing Partnerof Crowe Dafinone (Chartered Accountants) based in Lagos, Nigeria. He startedhis career with Touche Ross & Co in London in 1984 and joined his familyfirm in 1989.

In2000 the Dafinone family were recognised by Guinness World Records for holdinga record number of six Chartered Accountants in onefamily who all qualified as members of the Institute of Chartered Accountantsin England and Wales. The late patriarch of the family and founder of thefamily firm David Dafinone became a member of the Institute in 1963.

Amstrong added that “Ede’s experience spans audit and consultancy in a wide range of sectors including conglomerates, government parastatals, building contractors, manufacturing, transport, and haulage contractors. This experience will be invaluable as the ICAEW seeks to increase its profile across various sectors on the continent.

“Asthe accounting profession undergoes massive changes due to the advancement oftechnology like Artificial Intelligence and the growing use of the cloud, wefeel that it is important for ICAEW to have someone on the ground to guide uson how to implement our strategies on the continent.

Whileresponding to his appointment, Dafinone said he was eager to offer his insightswhile growing ICAEW’s profile on the continent. “I look forward to bringingtogether the strengths of our members across Africa to support ICAEW’s visionof strong global economies.”

Dafinone holds directorships of a number of companies including NEM Insurance Plc and chairs the National Executive Council of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (affiliated to WWF).

Hehas held various public and other appointments, including serving as a memberof the Federal Government Steering Committee on the Determination andResolution of Cross Debts between Public Enterprises in 2001.

Through the Dafinone foundation, he runs social and community projects to provide scholarships for post-graduate education, distribute micro-credit loans to women and support the development of vocational skills within the community.

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