Death for Treasury Looters!

Areoye Oyebola

Ibadan, Oyo State Constituency



The Movement for Nigeria’s Total Transformation declares its full and unconditional support to the present call of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC and Trade Union Congress, TUC, for death penalty for those who have stolen billions of public funds, and who thereby have virtually ruined our economy.

Corruption in Nigeria has for many years become so monumental and free-for-all that it requires a drastic step like public hanging of those who by their criminal actions, have turned majority of Nigerians into destitute and paupers who are victims of starvation. If there is today a very insignificant percentage of abjectly poor, unemployed, ill-nourished, uneducated citizens in the most thickly populated country on earth, China, with over one billion people, it is due to the drastic step that the great country has taken through the public execution of corrupt officials.

A few years ago, a senior Chinese official who was alleged to have stolen $500,000 was publicly executed, while his deputy who convinced the tribunal that he did not know that his boss was diverting the funds for his personal use was given life-imprisonment.

Ghana is ahead of Nigeria in orderly economic growth and in an environment with abundant provision of economic and social amenities like stable electricity, water, good roads, world-standard health care facilities, high standard educational system, security, all of which have attracted many multinationals from Nigeria to that country mainly because of the probity, integrity, uprightness and intense patriotism displayed by the man of history, Jerry Rawlings, who is now widely respected all over the world when he directed the mass and summary execution of excessively corrupt rulers in Ghana.

Nigeria cannot circumscribe history. Unless corruption is killed in Nigeria, the pathetic and unbelievable situation, where our empty-headed, naïve, shallow and excessively greedy rulers, who are in laughable and ridiculous jubilation that Nigeria, with about 170 million people, now generates 5,000 Megawatts of electricity, will always bring us world-wide scorn. Are our rulers unaware that South Africa, with a quarter of our population, enjoys over 44,000 Megawatts of electricity, which is about nine times our own? We will continue to be an object of ridicule and pity to the civilised world, as long as Nigerian treasury looters and scavengers persist in monumental corruption.

While we are happy with the mass demonstration of the labour leaders and their followers throughout the country, and their clarion call for public execution of callous and wicked treasury looters, the protesters must insist that convicted treasury looters be compelled to return all the looted funds in foreign countries and Nigeria, while all their properties overseas and at home be forfeited to the government before their execution.

The usually timid and unconcerned Nigerians must rise up in full support of the present crusade of our labour leaders; otherwise, we are lost.


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