Cancer Kills ‘Dust Lady’ of 9/11

Cancer Kills ‘Dust Lady’ of 9/11She was one of the lucky people who escaped death 14 years ago, when Al Qaeda agents attacked the world trade centre, in the United States of America.
Many families who lost loved ones in that sad episode would wish she was their own, not just because her photograph made the headlines, but because she appeared then to have escaped unhurt. Her family celebrated her escape, but Marcy Borders, called the ‘dust lady’, because of the dust that covered her as she appeared from the rubbles minutes after the incident, was never the same until her death on Wednesday 26, 2015.
Borders died of stomach cancer, believed to have been a result of the 2011 attack.  Reports show that scores of people who survived that attack ended up with cancer.  Her case further reinforces that finding. But memories of the attack and lost friends and colleagues never really left Borders. So she took to drinking and had to lose custody of the children for some years until she came out of rehabilitation exercise.
Sadly, her story shows that those the terrorists could not kill instantly they plant death in their life and more or less make them walking corpses. How many more have celebrated their survival, but are waiting for their graves?

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