Buhari Is Back

President Muhammed Buhari returned to the country this morning. He landed at the Kaduna Airport at about 7:40 am and was taken to Aso Rock Villa in Abuja by helicopter. The arrival was announced last night by Femi Adesina, his spokesman.

Buhari Arival from London Photo

Buhari is Back

The president returns 51 days after he departed the country on medical vacation. The arrival puts a stop to wide speculations about the state of his health. There were that he probably not return, as it was assumed that his state of health was very critical. Visits by prominent persons whose photographs were sent on social media did not appease scores of concerned Nigerians who suspect that his aides hiding something from the populace.

He is expected to address the country later today. Perhaps he would make effort to douse speculations about his fitness or otherwise to continue in office. He may also disclose the heath challenge that kept him in London for close to two months.

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