Bleaching for Beauty

Many dark-skinned people are obsessed with either bleaching or toning their skins with a view to enhancing their beauty despite the obvious dangers of the practice.

Bleaching for Beauty photo
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At 15 she started applying bleaching cream ostensibly to enhance her beauty. For maximum effect, she relied heavily on what she believed to be the more active variety of skin lightening agents that come in tubes but apparently unaware of the dangers the cream posed to her skin. At the initial stage, she enjoyed every bit of what she was doing as her complexion continued to radiate. But there was a turning point when she began to experience the negative side of changing her complexion. That came with her friends and acquaintances calling her by different names, depicting change of colour. At about age 25, Blessing Oboh, who is now a student of Accountancy in a university has come to terms with the ugly side of skin bleaching. But what is the attraction in applying skin lightening creams? Reasons given by some users of the substances range from the mundane to the absurd…Click below to read more

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