APC Releases terms of Reference for Buhari Transitional Committee

The All Progressives Congress, APC, have replied the allegations by the supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan who have warned them against setting up a parallel government with the inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari’s 19-member transition committee led by Ahmed Joda.

APC said that nothing in the terms of reference suggests any plan to form a parallel government, except that the party and its President-elect needed clear answers to a lot of issues.

Here are the terms of reference.

  1. To develop a clear framework for liaison with the out-going Administration for purposes of a smooth hand-over/take-over.
  2. To receive hand-over documents from Ministries, Departments and Agencies and itemise the most important or most urgent issues confronting the in-coming government.
  3. To review and make preliminary assessment of the balance sheet of government with particular emphasis on

(1). The status of assets and liabilities of government.

(2). Cash flow position of the government.

(3). Quantum of public domestic and external debt of government and their deployment.

(4). Government’s outstanding contractual obligations and its ability to meet such obligations.

(5). Status of implementation of capital projects.

  1. Undertake a preliminary assessment of the security challenges
    facing the country and the

(1). Counter-insurgency measures taken by the government thus far.

(2). Counter policy measures being implemented in the Niger Delta to deal with unrest and major economic crimes in the area. In particular, the status of the Amnesty Programme.

(3). Readiness of the Police and other national security and intelligence agencies in addressing threats to law and order

  1. Provide a brief over-view of CBN, NNPC, NCC, Customs and FIRS.
  2. Suggest “quick fixes” which will result in tangible, visible and practical measures so that CHANGE will be seen after 30 days, after 100 days, after 6 months of the Administration taking office.
  3. Make any other observations, which in view of the Committee would be helpful to the transition and take-off of the new Administration.
  4. Report back to the President-elect in two weeks.
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