9 Slots For Africa At 2026 World Cup

FIFA have ratified the decision to give Africa nine automatic slots when the World Cup expands to 48 teams in 2026.

At the moment, and up until the 2022 World Cup, Africa has five slots.
The proposal for the allocation of the 48 places was made by the bureau of the FIFA Council on 30 March.
According to a statement on FIFA’s official website, the move will also see 16 teams from Europe feature at the World Cup, eight from Asia, six from South America and one direct slot from Oceania.
Meanwhile the final two places in 2026 decided by six-team play-offs with teams from Africa, Asia, North and Central America, South America and Oceania, meaning Africa could get a 10th slot.

world cup
Asia: 8 direct slots – increased from 4.5 (currently 46 members)
Africa: 9 direct slots – increased from 5 (currently 54 members)
North and central America: 6 direct slots – increased from 3.5 (currently 34 members)
South America: 6 direct slots – increased from 4.5 (currently 10 members)
Oceania: 1 direct slot – increased from 0.5 (currently 11 members)
Europe: 16 direct slots – increased from 13 (currently 55 members)

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