Fully in Charge!

These two men who manned the polling station in Edo, though their identity not immediately verified take control of the area, appear in firm control of the situation there.

These two men were fully in charge of the voting cubicle in Ward 10, Unit 1, Iyamho Primary School, Auchi where the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole voted earlier in the day. While the status of the one on the left is unknown, the other is the agent of the APC. They manned the voting cubicle pointing to the box that should be thumb printed after which they would collect the papers and drop in respective boxes themselves.
Out of the three polling units in the polling station, only one had a cubicle. The two others made do with tables placed in the open. In one of the units, two young guys were seen also guiding voters which party to vote for. When confronted, one of them claimed they were only assisting them. He blocked the magazine from taking pictures of the irregularity going on.

Edo State
These two men who manned the polling station in Edo

In fact, disorderliness and chaos characterized the area as voters crowded the voting arena. The same situation prevailed in Ward 9, units 1 and 2, Uneme-N’ekhua where a man positioned himself in the cubicle in full glare of security agents, guiding the people where to thumbprint. When challenged he tried to defend his action stating that they called for his assistance. He however immediately left the cubicle, albeit temporarily as the magazine observed that he returned to the cubicle. The polling unit was located inside a classroom.

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